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Aronia is a Greek genus of coniferous shrubs, with the common name, Aronia, meaning “joy of the earth.” The genus is composed of over 2021 different species all of which are native to the northern hemisphere, but some are now naturalized in parts of Asia, Africa, and South America. Aronia is the most studied genus in the world, with specimens being studied all over the world. Most plants in the Aronia family (the entire genus except for a few) are native to sunny tropical regions. However, Aronia can also be found growing in parts of the Mediterranean and subtropical areas.

The most popular member of the Aronia family, red aronia, is the most widely planted shrub in the world. Red aronia ‘rush’ and blue-green interspersed with white are interspersed among the other main colors. The flowers are quite large, measuring up to five inches in diameter, and they start out a bright yellow-red and then fade to lavender. The style and shape of the leaves changes as the plant matures.

The most highly prized of all the species in the …