Day: February 3, 2021

The Mouth-Drying Effect of Aronia Juice

Aronia is a Latin name meaning flower of life. It is a beautiful, aromatic, and evergreen shrub whose leaves are long and pendulous. The flower is trumpet shaped and yellow or orange in color. The fruit is smooth and round and has an orange peel. The name comes from a Greek word meaning flower of life.

Aronia officinalis or the blueberry or cowpecker or astringent. This blueberry or cowpecker plant is native to Europe and now is widely cultivated all over the world. It has a fleshy, leathery feel to its flesh. The base of the plant is smooth and leathery, while the white, pink or yellow flowers have the appearance of small, dangling, bell-like blooms. The entire plant is about one to two feet tall.

A. culbertsii or the blueberry or cowpecker plant is also native to Europe and now is widespread throughout the world. The tubers have a slightly sweeter taste than the aronia berries. In fact, it is so similar to the fruit that many people mistakenly believe the juice is the same. The two fruits are …