Day: January 10, 2021

Health Benefits of Drinking Organic Aronia Berries

Aronia, sometimes called just Aronia, is a genus of coniferous shrubs, sometimes the leaves are covered with yellow scales and the fruits are seed capsules of an underground plant, that are native to the Aronia Desert region in Northern Africa and parts of Asia. The genus is believed to contain five or six species, one of which is indigenous to Europe. The other two are found only in parts of the Middle East and parts of North America. The most common subspecies are found in Northern Africa, North America, Australia, South America, and Central Asia.

A major problem with many foods today is how they are digested and absorbed into the body. For example, many fruits and vegetables are extremely low in dietary fiber, vitamin c, and protein. Fiber helps to slow down the digestive process and allows for more nutrient absorption. Vitamin c, in particular, is found in many products such as oranges, grapefruits, broccoli, spinach, and other leafy green vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Protein is found in meats, dairy products, and legumes.

Many believe that the beneficial …